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Stephanie George
From the Desk of: Stephanie George

Hi, my name is Stephanie George.

And I have been involved in business debt collecting for over 20 years for several small to medium sized companies in various different industries.

Initially I had no idea how to make our customers pay without the fear of losing then as customers. I wanted the money but we also needed their future business.

Meanwhile, our cash flow deteriorated, we had difficulty paying our bills, our bank manager gave us grief and life was very stressful. I was in at the deep end and made loads of mistakes but over time I started to build a system. Now this system is fully developed and it's so simple, I can employ people to do it for me!

Anyone can successfully collect their own debts and keep HAPPY customer into the bargain!

I've created a 7 step guide of everything you need to do from writing invoices to chasing your overdue debts and even how to negotiate disputes!

If everyone followed this system then all companies would improve their cash flow and far fewer would go bust.

But unfortunately, most people stick their head in the sand while their customers delay paying and put them under serious cash flow pressure.

And it's nothing to do with their skills or abilities. Some of them are incredibly talented and have great businesses, they just don't have the right steps in place to make their customers pay.

IN FACT, what's really sad is that there's some out there selling poor products or offering low quality services, but somehow they still manage to have positive cash flow and not only stay in business but make serious profits as well!

So How Come A Few 'Lucky' Companies get
Paid Promptly
and have Good Cash Flow... And Others Are Just Scraping By?

What makes the difference for those that get paid promptly?

I'll tell you what it is.

They know what to do and when to do it. And have a system in place to make sure it happens!

In other words, they have a defined system and they follow it.

That's it. Plain and simple.

So it's easy for them to get paid and they're seen as the 'expert' debt collector. The company you just pay without arguement.

Let me give you an example... If you own two companies money, but currently do not have enough to pay them both, which are you more likely to pay first:

business debt collecting Company A - A New Supplier for a One Off Purchase
Invoice arrives 7 days after your goods. It's wrong and takes 2 weeks and many phone calls to sort out and they never call back when they say they will.

Company B - A Regular Supplier That You Rely On
Invoice arrives the next day. It's wrong but is sorted immediately. When it's due, they call to chase the payment. They're polite and efficient and continue to call back when they say they will every few days until you pay.

It's a no brainer, right?

You're always going to pay the company that is efficient and polite but persistent and especially if they are more important to you.

The mistake most people make is to be frightened of asking their customers to pay in case they lose the customer. In fact as the saying goes...

"Persistence Pays."

And it is true. The more you persist, the quicker your customers will pay.

So, HOW Do You Persist without Losing Your Customers?

Well, like everything else so far, it's pretty simple.

You remain polite and to the point and follow a system so that you know exactly what to do and when to do it!

In fact, if they get a little tired of your persistent calls, they are actually more likely to pay.

...and this doesn't mean that they will pay and then look for another supplier - in actual fact you're more likely to lose the customer if you don't persist!!


'How to Collect Your Debts and Keep Your Customers'

A *Proven* 7-Step Guide to Collecting Your Debts and Keeping Yours Customers!

'How to Collect Your Debts and Keep Your Customers'

Anyone in business can easily master this 7 steps system.

I've made it as accessible as possible in eBook format (all you need is acrobat reader) - and you can get started immediately!

Deciding to master this system will save you years of trial and error when you struggle with poor cash flow, many bad debts and dis-satisfied customers who take their business elsewhere.

You've spend time and money winning your customers. Now make sure you get paid and keep them as customers.

'How to Collect Your Debts and Keep Your Customer' Gives You a Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Systems and Details of What to Do and When to Do It!

'How to Collect Your Debts and Keep Your Customer' includes...

bullet When to Give Creidt and When not to
bullet How to Write Invoices that avoid disputes.
bullet How to deal with Queries to your advantage.
bullet A detailed "Step-By-Step" Guide to Chasing Overdue Debts that WILL get you Paid!
bullet Insolvable Problems and how to Negotiate them to a Solution.
bullet How and When to Take Legal Action and How to Handle Your Lawyer!

Now, consider for a moment what this information could be worth to your business.

You'll get paid for some debts that otherwise would have gone bad and been lost.

You'll reduce your debtor days, the average time it takes your customer to pay and hence improve your cash flow.

You'll keep more of your customers as they won't have to go elsewhere because they own you money.

What value do you put on this? It is difficult for me to say as it depends on the size and nature of your business but it must be more than £1,000 even for the smallest of businesses and significantly more for larger businesses.

How to Collect Your Debts and Keep Your Customers has a Lifetime Value to You!

I thought long and hard about what would be a fair price for this system. Considering the potential value to you, I believe it's easily worth £500 of anyone's money.

But the price of this *proven* system is just £97.00

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Bonus #1 - Letter/Form Templates

Letter/Form Templates
Templates of all the letters and forms mentioned in this system.


Bonus #2 - 30 Minute Private Mentoring Session With Me

30 Minute Private Mentoring
I'll give you a 30 minute mentoring session to help you to get started.


This is the first time I have shared this system with ANYONE! Up until now it has been kept to myself and only used in my own companies.


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When you invest in this proven system I want you to know this: if I fail to deliver what I promise on this page which is..."How to Collect Your Debts More Successfully and Keep More of Your Customers" just ask me for your money-back and I'll send you a full questions asked!

Wishing you an abundance of quick payers, positive cash flow and healthy profits.


Stephanie George
Creator of How to Collect Your Debts and Keep Your Customers

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